BLE/NFC Plug-N-Play Module

Easy connect 63D1 module combines the power of Legic’s 63xx chipset and Dwarpaal’s host controller hardware platform into one cohesive board. It dramatically reduces the time to market for companies to deploy Legic’s secure data exchange and mobile credentialing capabilities.

The module retrofits into Company’s existing hardware design through compatible wire harnesses and their software data flow by using Dwarpaal’s cloud API connectors for Legic

The module is already in production and actively used/pursued by companies specializing in RFID locks, EV charging, Biometric access management, and Virtual reality solutions.


Additional information


– easy installation
o The modular structure of the product allows for it to be installed with minimal effort.
– Can be installed in existing hardware
– Cost-effective solution for updating locks


Antenna Ports

Bluetooth Smart: 50 Ω HF output, External Antenna
RFID/NFC: Antenna and antenna matching network in external

Bluetooth Smart

V4.2 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Supported RFID Standards

ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B, ISO 15693, Inside Secure ( UID only), LEGIC RF,
Sony FeliCa Subset (NFC Forum Type 3 Tag), ST SR series

Hardware Security

Common Criteria EAL5+ Certified Secured Element

Host Interfaces

UART: Max. 1 Mbaud, 8-N-1
SPI Slave: Mode 1 and 3, Max. 2MHz

Temperature Range

-40° C to +80° C

Supply Voltage

RF Part: -0.5V to 6V

Current Consumption

0.7uA to 104mA (based on reader status and operation)

RFID Output Characteristics

Carrier Frequency: 13.56MHz
Output Impedance: 1.5 Ω … 12 Ω
RF output power: 125mW to 345mW

RFID Receiver Characteristics

Input Resistance: 10 kΩ
Input Voltage: Max 3 Vpp

BLE Output Characteristics

BLE Output Power: -40 dBM … +4 dBM
Frequency Range: 2.402GHz … 2.480GHz

BLE Receiver Characteristics

Sensitivity, 1 MSPS BLE ideal transmitter, ≤ 37 bytes BER = 1e-3: -96dBM

Ambient Conditions

Power Dissipation: 294mW to 855mW depending on power supply input.
Thermal Resistance: 29.7 °C/W