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Retail Malls and Stores

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DwarPaal Fits Into Your Business Flow

We do not believe in adding another app or system for your users to maintain manually, so we provide ready to use APIs that integrate with your core business/enterprise applications. This allows seamless workflow between your existing business processes to the IOT devices.

  • Low code APIs on your existing business systems to integrate with DwarPaal Business.
  • Multi-property support.
  • Backend portal and app for device installers to setup initial inventory.
  • A centralized control panel for your administrators to manage any device on any owned property.

Interfaces provided through DwarPaal Business

White labelled Control Panel to support your own branding.

Guest app for your end customers to use.

HTML5 portable widget for guest access through your existing app.

Access management

By Location

  • Access to the primary unit.
  • Access to common areas.
  • Access to premium areas.
  • Multi-property access.
  • Remote access.

By Schedule

  • Work shift based access to staff.
  • Master access – perpetual/No restriction .
  • One time access for locked out guests/customers.

By Role

  • End customer .
  • Maintenance contractors .
  • Facilities management staff.
  • Management/Admins.


  • Smart scenes to operate multiple IOT devices based on events.
  • No coding platform to configure automation scenarios.
  • Knowledge base provided for training your staff to setup automation.
  • Typical energy savings realized through smart scenarios – 15{a96ed16bcfd8dcf57d42d23dff700a98d217818042f0896f97f1c531d126a87f}.
  • Superior user experience based on smart scenarios

Dashboard and Analytics

  • Reporting across all properties.
  • Reporting across all devices.
  • Energy efficiency metrics.
  • Device status and fault based metrics.
  • Customer level analytics.