DPC Thermostat

The DPC Thermostat is a smart temperature control system that is seamlessly integrated into technological surroundings. Guests and Hoteliers have the ability to control the temperature of the room from wherever they are through the DPC app. With various temperature modes and settings such as eco and comfort mode, guests can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing hotel experience, while Hotelier can enjoy the benefits of an efficient temperature control system.


Additional information


– easy installation
– puts room on eco mode upon guest check out
– puts the room in comfort mode before the next guest arrives
– -up to annual savings on HVAC


System Mode

Heat, Cool, Auto, Off, Emergency Heat (Heat Pump Only)

Fan Mode

On, Auto, Circle (adjustable)


Setting temperature locally or remotely
Auto-changeover between Heat and Cool Mode (System Auto)
Compressor protection time is available for select
Failure protection by cutting off all circuit relays
Smart warmup, low temperature protection

Auto Mode Deadband

1.5 °C, 3 °F

Temp. Setpoint Span

0.5 °C, 1 °F


802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz

Tx Power




LCD Scree

4.3 inch color touch screen

PIR Sensor

Detect Occupancy
Sensing Distance 4M, Angle 120°

Electrical Rating

24 VAC, 1A Carry, 5A Surge 50/60Hz

Switches / Relays

9 Latching type relay, 1A maximum loading


Sensing Range: -40~125°C
Sensing Accuracy: ±1°C
Response Time: 2Min


Sensing Range: 0~100%
Sensing Accuracy: ±3% (20% ~ 80%)
Response Time: 2Min

Operating Environment

0~50°C, 32 ~ 120°F
Humidity Range: 5% ~95%

Storage Temperaure

-30°C ~ 60°C, -22°F ~ 140°F


18 AWG, Requires both R and C wires from the HVAC system


135(L) x 77.36(W) x 23.5(H) mm

Mounting Type

Wall Mounting